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Senior Al-shabab officer surrenders to the federal government

Storyline:National News

Reports from Gedo region state that senior Al-shabab members named Zakariye Ismail Hassan has surrendered to government officials in Elwak district on Saturday.

Zakariye was senior intelligence officer as local people confirm.

Col. Hassan Abdi told Goobjoog FM that Zakaiye and his driver capitulated to the security forces at around noon and are now in safe hand.

On the other hand the Kenyan forces in the border of Somalia and Kenya demanded the officer to be handed over to them but the forces turned down the order.

7th June 2013 Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom, a former Al-shabab leader has sureendered to the federal government.

On 20th December this year United Nations security council has delisted Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom from 1884 sanction list.

Immediately after the death of Al-shabab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane the federal government of Somalia has given 45 days amnesty window to Al-shabab members, both leaders and brain washed youth to surrender and refrain from their bad acts.