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Serious water shortage displaces many people in Eel-Hur locality

Storyline:National News

Serious water shortage has hit parts of Mudug region forcing many pastoralists to cross other regions to seek water and pasture for their herds, according officials.
Eel-hur chief, Mohamed Mohamud has told Goobjoog news that his locality has affected by water shortage which killed many animals and forced residents to shift with their livestock.
“The price of a drum of water reached som sh 120 (6 US dollars) which is unaffordable price to the locals who are pastoralists. People started moving away with their livestock in search of water from the neighbouring regions” he said.
Despite the water shortage in the areas, the locals are also facing lack of health posts and other social amenities in which played very important role in the displacement of the residents.
The horn of Africa country, Somalia has experienced several recurrent droughts which swept away thousands of livestock and left of hundreds Somali people with nothing to eat or drink.
The nation has large portion of semi-desert regions which are suitable for grazing making Somalia well-known for its livestock which is the backbone of the country’s economic, thought the last two decades the nation was handicapped by droughts.