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Service denied for individuals without Puntland identity card

Storyline:National News

A decree dated 28th October from Puntland ministry of interior called the remittance shops and telecommunication companies not to offer services to any individual without Puntland identity card.

The ministry said the order is part of  its efforts to maintain security and receive basic informations from the public

The ministry urged the concerned parties in the region to implement the issued decree the quickest time possible.

On the other hand Puntland administration in collaboration with a local Ngo Kaalo and UN Habitat has launched census to collect basic informations for the purpose of planning and development of social services for the residents.

The survey will also ease tax collection from various parts of Puntland administration especially areas far from the main rods.

The ministry said the process will first start from three coastal towns in Karkar, Nugal and Mudug regions i.e Bandar Beila, Eyl and Jariiban districts respectively adding that 40 people were trained by the administration to facilitate the process.

Senior Puntland officials say such survey was earlier launched in the towns along the main road and it worked effectively.