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Severe water shortages in areas under Guriel threatens the lives of people

Storyline:National News

Guriel-biyo la'an

Severe water shortages in rural areas around Guriel district in Central Somalia is threatening the lives of many people mainly pastoralists.

The shortage of water in the region is caused by prolonged drought and the dry up of water sources, wells and dams forcing the pastoral communities to flee their homes in search of water.

Besides the prices of the inadequate available water in Guriel district and nearby areas has doubled and not affordable to most people.

Social services head of Guriel administration Abdullahi Warsame Farah told Goobjoog FM that a number of livestock have died in the area due to acute water shortages adding that more others are in danger if immediate help is not delivered.

He called the federal government of Somalia and international aid agencies to deliver immediate support to Guriel residents.

Last month over three people, among them children died in rural areas around Guriel district due to thirst and starvation.