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Severe water shortages in areas under Mudug threatens lives of people

Storyline:National News

water shortage




Serious water shortages are reported to hit many areas in Mudug region prompting displacement of many families from the region.

Among the areas the acute water shortage hit is El-Farah Gedi locality 10km away from Galka’ayo town.

The acute shortage of water in those areas has directly affected hundreds of people who previously weakened by serious drought which slapped some parts of Mudug region.

Ali Goobjoog News Reporter, Ali Ayn, who talked to the locals during his visit to El-Farah Gedi locality, says shortage of water in the locality is caused by prolonged drought and the dry up of water sources, wells and dams forcing of the locals to flee their homes in search of water.

Somalia has been wrestling prolonged droughts for decades that killed hundreds of livestock.