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Sharif Robow: “The integration of government forces and Jubaland troops is not easy”

Storyline:National News

Somali expert who spoke to Goobjoog FM said it is not easy to integrate federal government forces and the forces of interim Juba administration at the moment.

Sharif Hussein Robow, a former official of national intelligence security stated that the federal government should have solved the difference between the forces first than taking a decision of putting together forces.

He reiterated that the federal government is supposed to train the forces and provide the military equipments they ought to have.

He added that the agreement signed between the federal government and the Interim administration of Juba in Southern Somalia on 15th November cannot be easily implemented due to many obstacles ahead like the training centers in the region that are in poor conditions.

Three cabinet ministers led by interior and federalism minister signed agreement with Interim administration of Juba in Southern Somalia, the agreement focused on intensifying the fight against Al-shabab, integration of the forces and giving proper training to the forces.