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Shariif Adan: SNA should be paid, we know what a hungry soldier with a gun can do

Storyline:National News

The administrative of Interim South-West State has commented on the problems encountered by Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers who fighting with Al-Shabab fighters, including undue salaries and lack of ammunition.

The regional leader of SWS, Shariif Hassan Sheikh Adan said that SNA soldiers have been paid for months which may force some of the soldiers to hunt with their guns and that will ail security of the nation.

“We can imagine what a hungry soldier with a gun can do, if I were in their shoes surely I could have commit crime” he said.

SNA have been complaining of not having received their salaries for months, recent claims by SNA officials that they receive monthly salaries have left them very confused and put them in difficult situations.

Families of employees have been suffering due to the lack of payment. One soldiers said that he was unable to let his family have a joyous monthly consumption because he barely has enough money for necessities such house bills and food.

This occurs despite the fact that the international community donates a lot of money to the Somali government, part of which is assigned to go these soldiers, which the government say they pay, a claim which these soldiers contest.