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Sheik Noor Barud Gurhan Says Aden Consular Derailing Evacuation Efforts

Storyline:National News

Sheekh Nuur Baaruud GurxanThe chairman of Somali refugee rescue committee Sheik Noor Barud Gurhan has complained of meddling by Somalia’s Aden Consular General Ahmed Sudani.

He accused the consular of derailing the evacuation process and the Sheik has urged the federal govern to act against him so as to ensure the smooth running of the process.

‘They are spreading lies, they called Somalis in Yemen and told them not to board the chartered ship because the previous journey the ship has capsized and people have perished, which is simply a fat lie’ said the Sheik.

Reporters on board of the ship have also confirmed that there were efforts by some individuals to charge the stranded people against the wishes of the businessman who chartered the ship, the crew and the committee.

The committee has said that they wrote to Yemeni and Puntland authorities to clarify the safety standard of the ship Nawal 3 which has successfuly evacuated more than two thousand refugees and again docked at the Mukalla port to do the same.

The consular general has been bragging on State run broadcaster taking the credit of the evacuation efforts despite the contrary.

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