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Shortage of meat supply in Mogadishu markets increase fish demand


The prices of fish in Mogadishu markets has gone up after the livestock traders in the capital went on strike today. The consumers went for fish as a substitute for meat, when supply decreases the demand increases.

The strike has also affected the price of the little available meat in the markets as most people cannot afford buying it.

Yasin Ahmed, one of the traders told Goobjoog FM that their strike came after Banadir regional administration in a decree prohibited the slaughtering of animals outside slaughter house. He added that order disrupts and makes difficult their activities.

Mr. Yasin added that the traders have been slaughtering their animals in a private slaughter houses all over the capital after signing agreement with the former administration of Banadir region.

Banadir regional administration has declined to give immediate comment about the traders strike.

Goobjoog Economic News