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Siera Leone troops withdraw from Somalia

Storyline:National News

Reports from the port city of Kismayo state that Sierra Leone troops under African Union peace-keeping troops are withdrawing from Somalia.

A fare well ceremony to see off the troops was held in Kismayo airport as our correspondent in Lower Juba Masuud reports.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who arrived Kismayo before hours and the leader of Juba interim administration are taking part of the ceremony.

President Hassan praised the role of Siera Leone troops of maintaining the stability of the region and capturing areas under the control of Al-shabab.

IJA officials noted that Siera Leone troops deployed in Lower Juba last played a key role in pushing Al-shabab out of cities in the region.

The top leaders of Somalia asked AMISOM to exclude Siera Leone troops from the rotation list due to the outbreak deadly Ebola in west African Countries including Siera Leone.

“To avoid the potential risk of transporting Ebola into our country, we have raised our concern to the African Union and the government of Sierra Leone,” Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari told the legislature late on October.

“We have written officially to these entities and told them to stop troops’ rotation.” He added.