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Six dead after diarrhea outbreak in the outskirts of Jowhar

Shuban Biyood in Middle ShabelleAt least six people died and more than 44 others were hospitalized after diarrhea breakout in Magay and Jilaal localities in the outskirts of Jowhar district.

The administrator of Jilal locality 20 kilometres East of Jowhar district Mohamed Mohamud Abass told Goobjoog FM that five people three children among them died the last 72 hours adding that 20 others were hospitalized.

Dr. Shueb Omar Mohamed among the local doctors who delivered emergency medical support to the affected areas under Jowhar district stated that the outbreak might spread to new areas if immediate action is not taken.

On the other hand at least one person died and 24 others were hospitalized in Jilal locality as the administrator of Jilal locality Abdullahi Mohamed Boll confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

The administrator added that at least 10 patients reach the health centers every 24 hours since the outbreak started in the region, he underlined the need for immediate support from federal government and international aid agencies to save the lives of the people.