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SNA-AMISOM forces seize Daynuunaye town, Bay Region

Storyline:National News, Security

Somalia National Army backed with AMISOM forces have on early Thursday taken over Daynuunay area of Bay region from the Al-Shabaab group who have been in control of the town over the past weeks.

Government forces in recent days have been conducting operations against Al-Shabaab in the region and have seized several areas in the region from the Al-Shabaab group.

The troops who are currently in control of Daynuunaye town have set a base to stay and cover the area from the Al-Shabaab come back.

General Ibrahim Yarow, the force commander in the 60th Division told the media that the areas they have seized over the Al-Shabaab are safe and secure under the control of the Somalia National Army and the Ethiopian forces that are part of the AMISOM.

He added that they will continue to increase the security operations in all parts of the region to flush out the Al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabab, which is fighting the southern part of Somalia routinely targets AU forces and government bases in the country.

The Daynuunaye town is approximately 26 km to Baidoa the city centre of Bay region.

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