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SNA and AMISOM capture Harshaleg town in Lower Shabelle

Storyline:National News

AMISOM and Somalia National Army, SNA have today liberated Harshaleg town 20 km along Barawe-Kismayo road in Lower Shabelle, AMISOM has said.

In tweet on its official account, AMISOM said a joint operation with the SNA led to the fall of Xarshaleg which has been under Al-Shabaab control for a long time. Al-Shabaab has been using the town as a conduit to extort money through illegal roadblocks.

AMISOM said the group has also been using the small town to launch its attacks on SNA and AMISOM bases in the Lower Shabelle region. Al-Shabaab attacked a Burundi base in June in Leego with similar attack on a Ugandan forces base in Janale in September, both in the Lower Shabelle region.

The capture of Harshaleg town adds to a number of successful operations by the joint forces in the Lower Shabelle region, one of the remaining areas which has been for a long time under the grip of Al-Shabaab.

The fall of the coastal city of Barawe last year to government forces was a major milestone for the allied forces as it was able to cut off one of Al-Shabaab economic strongholds.

“SNA and AMISOM troops shall relentlessly pursue Al Shabaab terrorists who have been killing & exploiting innocent civilians in the region,” said AMISOM