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SNA and AMISOM prepares to attack Al-shabab controlled areas in Lower Juba

Storyline:National News

IJA-- to Jilib

The security forces of interim Juba administration in Southern Somalia and African Union peace-keeping troops are fully prepared to carry out heavy assaults against Al-shabab.

Reports from Kismayo states that heavy military presence is felt inside the town as the joint forces advanced to areas in Lower and middle Juba regions under the control of Al-shabab group.

On other hand Kenyan warplanes have carried out airstrike against Al-shabab bases in Jilib district according to sources. The casualties of the airstrike is not clearly known.

Our correspondent in the region Masuud Abdullahi says many families fearing to be affected by the airstrike and the offensive military against Al-shabab are fleeing from their houses in Jilib district, a stronghold of the group.

Al-shabab declined to give comment about the airstrike in Jilib district.