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SNA and AMISOM seize Barawe district

Storyline:National News

Barawe--Joint forces

Somali national army and African Union peace-keeping troops have taken over the control of Barawe district on Sunday with resistance from Al-shabab.

The forces have entered the town on Sunday, Al-shabab withdrew from the town before the forces reached the area as the civilians confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

The governor of Lower Shabelle region Abdikadir Mohamed Noor Sidii told the media that the joint forces have Barawe district, a stronghold of al-shabab in Southern Somalia.Heavily armed forces are seen patrolling the streets in the district.

Eye witness who remained anonymous told the media outlets that hundreds of families fearing confrontations between Al-shabab and the joint forces fled from the town adding that the remaining families express a lot of fear.