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SNA commanders in Bullo-Burde claim victory over clashes with Al-Shabab

Storyline:National News

At least eight from the opposing sides have been reported killed after fighting flared up in Abooray locality.

The fighting started after the government soldiers attacked an Al-Shabab base military in Abooray locality.
Somali military commanders in Bullo-Burde town have shared details of gun battle engaged the government forces and Al-Shabab fighters in areas under Bulla-Burde district.
The commander of Somali National Army Col. Abdullahi Barre Elmi has told Goobjoog that they defeated Alshabab fighters in the area after heavy fighting.
“We killed several Al-Shabab fighters and they ran away with injuries” he said.

He added that the government will keep on fighting till Al-Shabab and their sympathisers are annihilated.
Al-Shabab did not comment on the claims made Somali military.
There have been consistent skirmishes between SNA and Alshabab in many towns of Hiran region.
Al-Shabab imposed tight sanctions by blocking the main trade routes leading to many towns Hiraan region after they driven out of many towns.