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SNA Forces And AMISOM due to Advance to Bar-Dere town

Storyline:National News

Officials of Somali National Army confirmed that SNA forces backed by AMISOM troops are heading to Bar-Dere town, a stronghold of Al-shabab in the region.
The commander of SNA in Bur-Dubo town, Osman Noah Haji stated that forces are in their final preparation to wage scale war against Al-shabab.
Mr. Noah noted that Al-Shabab fighters ambushed the joint forces on their way to Bar-Dere town.
The group attacked the troops but they were driven away and i think that there would be no strong resistance as the group was weakened in battles and the illumination of its leaders by US drones.
“The aim of the operation is to capture Al-shabab controlled areas as soon as possible” he said.
Somali government forces backed by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops have captured several towns and villages from Al-Shabab since their latest offensive.