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SNA forces destroy Al-Shabaab bases in Lower Jubba Somalia

Storyline:National News, Security

Somali national army forces packed with Jubbaland forces have early Tuesday destroyed several Al-Shabaab military sites under areas of Jamame district in Lower Jubba Somalia.

Section 43 of the armed forces commander General Ali Mohamed (Bogmadow) said that the troops have conducted a well-planned operation in Al-Shabaab bases where they used to organise attacks against the government and the African Union forces.

“We were able to eliminate secret sites which Al-Shabaab carried out its subversive operations against the government in the capital and other regions,” said Gen Ali

During the operation, the forces foiled a land mine that was close to 20, which had to be hit by bullets.

The troops have also carried out operations in some areas of Jamaame district and the people of Araare, Kobon and Muse Haji have greatly welcomed them and provided them with food and medicine.

Somali elite forces and US forces have in the recent past conducted covert operations in Middle Jubba and Lower Shabelle, some of the two regions which Al-Shabaab still controls.

The movement of the Somali National Army and Jubbaland forces in Jubbaland has been a constant and leniency to Al-Shabaab terrorists.

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