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SNA Forces Intensify Offensive against Al-Shabaab in Lower Jubba

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | KISIMAYO: The Somali national army backed by local forces have intensified their offensive against the Al-shabaab militant group in Lower Jubba region.  

The national army targeted the militants’ strongholds in Badhaadhe district with the aim of liberating the area and restoring peace and stability in the region.

According to military officials leading the operation, the forces are pursuing the militants who fled their previous bases after receiving information that the national forces were intending to launch operations against them in the area.

The information adds that the army has deployed the Danab Special Forces in the area to enhance the capability of the army in the fight against the militants and avert harm to civilians during the operation.

On Tuesday, the federal government of Somalia forces in collaboration with Jubbaland forces took control of Buulo Haji area under the coastal city of Kismayo.

The militants have had strong presence in Jubbaland region for a long time and the federal government has now intensified its operations aimed at eradicating the militants from the region.