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SNA Forces Kill Five Al-Shabaab Militants in Hiiraan Region

GOOBJOOG NEWS | BELEDWEYNE: At least five Al-Shabaab militants were killed Sunday during an operation by the Somali National Army supported by local forces between Bulaburte and Halgan districts in Hiiraan region.

According to military sources, the SNA forces engaged the militants in a fierce battle that lasted almost two hours at Wareertire Mountain after the militants attempted to launch an attack against locals.  

On Saturday, Somali National Forces backed by its international partners carried out an airstrike targeting the militants’ base near Buulaburte district in Hiiran region, killing several militants and wounding others.

SNA Forces commander Major General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyadin Addow recently announced a resumption of offensive operations against the militants which had been paused during the holy month of Ramadan.

“The national forces were on the defensive during Ramadan and increased the security of the areas they had previously liberated from the militants, but now the fighting will resume in coming weeks,” he said.