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SNA Forces Thwart Attempted Al-Shabaab Attack in Hirshabelle

GOOBJOOG NEWS | HIRSHABELLE: Somali National Army forces late Tuesday thwarted an attempted attack by Al-Shabaab militants targeting the army’s Hawadley Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Hirshabelle State.

Acting on intelligence reports indicating a planned attack by the militants, the national army acted swiftly, intercepting and killing several members of the terror group as they advanced to the army base.

“Last night, the National Armed Forces received intelligence alerts pointing towards an imminent attack by Al-Shabab militants. In response to this threat, the military quickly mobilized its forces stationed at the Hawadley Forward Operating Base. Their proactive measures and rapid deployment enabled them to intercept the terrorists before they could carry out their nefarious plans,” an official government statement reads.

During the operating, several other militants were arrested and taken into custody by the security forces to aid in investigations to establish other possible targets by the group.