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SNA officials in Bakol urge Al-shabab members to surrender to the government

Storyline:National News

Al-ShababSomali national army officials in Bakol region announced that they are  willing to welcome anyone who intends to defect from Al-shabab group.

Abdirahman Mohamed Osman Timaade one of the top SNA officials in the region speaking to Goobjoog FM urged the members of the group to  voluntary surrender, join the government forces and refrain  from fighting.

He added that the federal government is ready to give care and rehabilitation to the defecting brain washed members of Al-shabab.

On Tuesday government forces presented four Al- Shabab members who defected from the group in Rabdure district.

June 2013 Al Shabab leader in Galgala Mountains of the semiautonomous regional state of Puntland Sheikh Mohamed Said (Atom) has voluntarily surrendered to Somali government, accusing his former group of acting against Islam.