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SNA recaptures Madale locality

Storyline:National News, Security

Somali Government forces backed by AMISOM troops have battled Al-Shabab fighters in Madale locality, Somali official says.

The fighting that erupted wee hours of Wednesday night has caused many causalities of both sides as residents in the area confirmed.

Tiyeeglow district commissioner, Mohamed food-Adde who gave interview to Goobjoog news said that the joint forces attacked Al-Shabab controlled area which prompted long hours of fighting.

“Government soldiers collaborating with AMISOM troops have recovered a town from Al-Shabab fighters. The troops killed number of fighters and captured several others alive” he said.

“The soldiers also captured an assortment of weapons and ammunition In Al-Shabaab camps in Madale town” he added.

Mohamed accused an Ethiopian rebel group known as Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) of supporting and fighting alongside Al-Shabab fighters.

“Al-Shabab fighters backed by ONLF rebels have been ruling the area, we know the Ethiopian rebel group is supporting Al-Shabab” he underscored
Meanwhile Al-Shabab did comment on the fighting and the claims made by Somali government.

Somali government forces backed African union troops have been carrying out operations to recover Area Al-Shabab fighters in Bakol and Gedo regions.
Al-Shabab was exerted pressure from different sides including infantry operations conducted by SNA and airstrike carried Kenya warplanes forcing the group to vacate several towns such as such as Taraka, Jungal, Duraned, Eel-elaan, Habakhaluul, Meyon, Magalay, Duraned and the major town of Bardhere in the Gedo region while in Bakool region AL-Shabab lost control of Buur-dhuhunle, Kulun-jareer, Moragabey, Legaly and Gelewoyni.

Al-Shabab has carried out several deadly attacks on Government institutions, army camps and hotels, last Sunday a suspected Al-Shabab suicide bomber driving a lorry packed with explosives hit the gate of Jazeera Palace hotel near the city’s airport killing more ten people and injuring over 25 others.