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SNA sets off for security operations to trail Al-Shabab fighters

Storyline:National News

Military movement and security operations spearheaded by government forces backed by AMISOM troops are reported from many areas in the Lower Shabelle region, military sources say.

SNA soldiers have spread in Galweyn, Bulla-Marer towns and surrounding areas after Al-Shabab fighters previously carried out several attacks on bases of government soldiers leaving behind casualties and destruction military equipment.

One of the commanders who declined to be named because he is not authorised to talk to the media said that they will continues the operations till they annihilate Al-Shabab soldiers from Lower Shabelle region.

We are on the way to Al-Shabab controlled villages and their other hideout positions, we are combing the areas that they use to launch attacks from. Military commander.

Eyewitnesses told Goobjoog News on Sunday that military exercises and reinforcements have increased in areas like Bula-Marer which is under full control of Somali government.

Somalia security forces have upped their activities for the past week and a great deal of military movements could be seen in almost every location in the government controlled areas.

Somali National Army yesterday has re-occupied a military base which had been vacated by AMISOM soldiers after a sustained clash with Alshabab for the past two days in Lower Shabelle.

Al-Shabab fighters have also stepped up the raids on government institutions and military bases for the last 30 days of holy month of Ramadan.

In one incident Thursday night, Alshabab fighters launched a surprise attack on government position in Bulo Marer where they allegedly killed unknown numbers of soldiers, but SNA managed to repel the attack according to sources.

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