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SNA soldiers in Bakool kill Senior Al-shabab officer

Storyline:National News

soldiers -200x112Commanders of somali government soldiers in Bakool region have given detailed of former senior Al-shabab officer who was killed in that region.

Commander of Somali National Army in Bakool region, Abdirahman Mohamed Osman aka Tima-Adde has confirmed the death of the senior officer who was killed in an operation carried out by SNA soldiers.

“The name of the man is Kassim, he was former District commissioner of hudur during Abdullahi’s transitional federal government, he later joined Al-Shabab and was named as the organizer of the group in this region, he was a man of the street, everybody knows, he use to disturb the locals in the region”

Speaking how the soldiers conducted the mission he said “soldiers carried out special operation which was to truck down the man, the commanders were having the tipoff, so the operation become successful and the man eliminated easily”

This comes hours after Heavy fighting broke out between Ethiopian forces serving under AU mission in Somalia ‘AMISOM’ and Al Shabaab militants in Jameco area 20 Km east of Burhakaba town in south of Somalia’s Bay region.

The fighting started with an IED hit a convoy of Ethiopian forces than Al Shabab fighters armed with propelled grenades and machine guns launched an ambush assault on its military vehicles travelling through the town.

Al Shabab claimed to have killed at least 30 Ethiopian forces and destroyed 7 military technical convoys during the ambush raid according to pro Al Shabab website.

Meanwhile, African Union and Somalia National army officials said that its troops had successfully repelled Al Shabab attacks, adding that militants fled from the area, AU statement reads.