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SNA Soldiers Backed By AMISOM Troops Retake Marka Town

Storyline:National News

Somali National Army supported by African Union troops have recaptured Marka town which was taken over by Al-Shabab fighters after AMISOM withdrew from the town.

One of the SNA commanders, who declined his name saying he was authorized to speak to the media, has confirmed that their soldiers have retrieved back marka.

“We secured Marka town today. We have chased the Al-Shabab and the operation will continue until its goals of securing the entire country is achieved,” he said.

Another police in Marka town, Hassan Abdulle said that Al-Shabab fighters were dislodged from the town and the government soldiers backed by AMISOM troops have extended operation covering many areas beyond the town.

Both AMISOM and federal government have clearly stated that they did not face resistance from Al-Shabab fighters during the recapture of the town.

Somali security experts say that the UN and AU countries are not serious about restoring of Somalia’s diminishing hope. AMISOM soldiers with bulletproof vests and helmets get enough waves and dependable allowances where as Somali soldiers who fighting Al-Shabab fighters are complaining salary overdue and lack of ammunition.