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Somali National Army Targets Al-Shabaab Bases in Hirshabelle

Storyline:War on Al-Shabaab

GOOBJOOG NEWS | HIRSHABELLE: The Somali National Army has kicked out a major offensive against the Al-Shabaab militants on Middle Shabelle region.

According to military officials participating in the operation, the national forces targeted the militant’s bases in Eelbaad and Ruunirgood areas which have been the militant’s strongholds.

Elsewhere in Galgaduud, the national forces backed my local armies have launched major offensives against the militants in Eeldheer and Mesagawey areas and also Shan-Dhagood, Saqeer Nab, Macalin Abukar and Hussein Cagey, within the region.

The military officials further said the national forces will also expand the operation to flush out the militants from areas such as Galcad, Elbur and Galhareeri.

The federal government of Somalia has stated that it will not relent on its ongoing operation to liberate all areas of the country from the militants.