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Somali cabinet appoints five new ambassadors

Storyline:National News

The Somali cabinet has appointed five new ambassadors Thursday (April 2nd) as part of ongoing efforts to boost the country’s profile abroad.
1. Jamaal hassan was appointed ambassador to Kenya, replacing Ali Ameriko.
2. Jamaal Mohamed Barrow was appointed ambassador to South Africa replacing Sayid Hassain Shariif was passed away.
3. Fatuma Abdullahi was appointed ambassador to US.
4. Khadija Mohamed Al-Makhsuni was appointed ambassador to Iraq.
5. Dahir Mohamed Geele was appointed ambassador Saudi Arabia.
Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmake was the ambassador of Somalia to US before he was appointed Somalia’s premier so since then the post was vacant.
The government will also reopen the Somali embassies in German, Burundi and Malaysia while the one in France will be renovate soon.