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Somali Cabinet Ministers agree financial management committee to work temporarily

Storyline:National News

Cabinet ministers of federal government of Somalia took their normal meeting which chaired by the acting prime minister and minister for justice, Abdullahi Ahmed Jamaa. Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke.
The meeting was discussed wide range issues including security, integration Regional State forces and financial management committee.
Minister for security speaking at the meeting stated that his ministry put more efforts to beef up the security of capital city of Somalia and other regions of the nation.
“The security of the country was highly tightened by Somali national Army in collaborating with AMISOM troops” the minister said.
He added that it is unnecessary and very important the government to collobrate with the public as to stabilize the security of the country.
Minister for finance who also spoke at the conference reported about his ministry and the task of proposed financial management committee which will monitor contracts the government deliver and many others.
He said that committee will also review contracts that the government issued previous which seem to be incomplete still.
After long debate, the cabinet agreed the committee to work temporarily.
The minister state for defence read the progress of the defence ministry and process to integrate forces, before the cabinet.
He noted that currently the ministry pays the salary and equips some of the regional state forces therefore those forces have be integrated and nationalized.
Finally the ministers agreed form commission which is assign to integrate and nationalise the forces in the country.