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Somali cabinet pass national education bill

Storyline:National News

The deputy Prime Minister and minister for religious affairs of the Federal government of Somali Mr Ridwan Hersi Mohamed today chaired a regular meeting of the Council of ministers , and the bill of formal education was passed.

The cabinet has also debated on the new draft media law and re-scheduled for detailed discussion on Monday.

After the meeting government spokesperson Ridwan Haji Abdiweli told the media that the cabinet discussed a number of issues including formal education bill, new draft media law and ways of sending relief to the areas affected by droughts.

On his side the minister for agriculture said the Federal government sent a committee to the areas affected by droughts and reported that the people were in dire humanitarian conditions, and are in need immediate  assistance.

He added that the Federal government has sent 300 tones of emergency food to the most affected areas like Bakol and Gedo regions to save the lives of the people.