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Somali Caucus committee: No vote of confidence to the newly announced cabinet

Storyline:National News

Over eighty federal parliament MPs who met in Mogadishu on Monday confirmed that they will not give vote of confidence to the newly announced government of Somalia led by Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke.

Abdi Dhuhulow alias Dhagdheer, the chairman of caucus committee speaking during meeting noted that the group reached agreement not to support the new government due to prime minister’s move of turning down their plea.

“ After hours meeting before days the committee sent appeal to the Prime Sharma’arke not to  include the former cabinet especially four ministers in the new line-up but he did not heed our advice” he said.

“ We also conveyed a statement to the premier calling him to think wisely and appoint capable cabinet ministers, new faces that can fill the gap created by the former government that lost the confidence of the parliament but instead he nominated many ministers among the voted out government without consideration” he added.

Mr. Dhagdheer accused the new premier of violating power sharing deal they reached with him during the submission of the appeal.

“ The power sharing agreement we reached with PM Sharma’arke has been violated and our requests fell on a deaf ear” He said.

“ We therefore jointly inform the international community, the new government and civil society that the caucus committee will not give any confidence to the newly announced government” The MP stressed.

“ The committee will not allow individuals among the failed government to derail the interest of Somali people and delay vision 2016”

This remarks comes a time when Somali PM announced his new government comprising of former ministers and new comers on Monday.

The new cabinet will appear before federal parliament for approval.