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Somali Caucus committee reiterate : No vote of confidence to the new government

Storyline:National News

The antagonism of the newly announced government of Somalia led by Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke is escalating a days after their appointment .
Some of somali Caucus committee confirmed that they would not give vote of confidence to the newly appointed cabinet.
Abdi Mohammed Abtidoon , a member of parliament stated that that the group arrived at conformity not to support the new government .
Mr. Abtidoon accused the prime minister of Somalia re-appointing some ministers among the voted out government .

On other hand , Abdullahi Osman Duaale aka Sugule and Mustaf Muktar jointly affirmed that they would not support a government which came as an interest of some selected individuals and going to derail the interest of Somali people.