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Somali clerics in Mudug call Guri-El warring side to accept truce

Storyline:National News

Some of Somali moderate clerics, Ahlu-Sunna Waljama’a in Mudug region who took meeting in Galkaayo town on Wednesday has called up the warring sides of Guri-El to stop the fighting without conditions.
The clerics expressed their concern over the renewed clashes which displaced hundreds of people from their homes and urged the leaders of Somalia federal government, intellectuals, traditional elders, politicians and the Somali peace activists to take part the ongoing initiatives to ease the tension and hostilities between the government forces and the moderate Islamist group.
“We call the brotherly combating sides to negotiate as they consider the situation of Somali displaced people in the region who suffering because of the fightings”
Somalia government forces and the moderate paramilitary group previously clashed in deadly battles over the control of Guri-El town