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Somali clerics voice support for war on terrorism, urge public participation

Storyline:National News, Security

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: Religious leaders in Somalia have reiterated their support for the ongoing campaign against terrorism in the country and called on all Somalis to play an active role in ending the scourge of terrorism.

Speaking during a gathering in Mogadishu hosted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the clerics said they stand by the President’s efforts to rid Somalia of terrorism.

One of the clerics, Sheikh Bashir, said the war against Al-Shabaab is a national duty that ought to be heeded by every Somali.

Al-Shabaab wages war on our nation, religion and human dignity. To defend and safeguard our religion and rights is an honour; if we die or win, in both ways we are victorious,” Sheikh Bashir said.

“So we call on the Somali people to participate in the war against the militants.”

On his part, Religious Affairs Minister Mukhtar Robow said the Federal Government had chosen the right path by waging the war against Al-Shabaan.

“The President and the Prime Minister have directed the government of Somalia to the right path. We hope that the decision of the government will be successful and the Khawarij will be defeated,” Robow.

He called on the religious leaders to take an active role noting, ‘The scholars are at the gates, and they are always ready to pray and support the government.”

Besides the military offensive, Somali government has robustly engaged clerics to fight the ideological war against Al-Shabaab and counter false narratives from the group.