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Somali deputy premier calls on Somalia and Somaliland to resume the talks

Storyline:National News

Somali deputy Prime Minister, Mohamed Omar Arte, has urged both Somalia and Somaliland to resume the talks to resolve the differences between them months after talks collapsed.

Speaking to the media while in Swaziland, he said the resumption of the talks between Somaliland and the Federal Government of Somalia needs sincerity shown by the sides.

“Either of Somalia and Somaliland should surrender so that the long-time differences could be iron out” said Arte.

March this year, the Turkish-sponsored talks between Somalia’s central government and the breakaway Somaliland have collapsed with no tangible progress reached.

The two sides accused each other for the collapse of the talks, which were postponed last week.

Somalia’s government accused Somaliland representatives of failing to attend the meeting, while Somaliland’s interior minister said the government sent incompetent members who cannot represent it.

“No side has the right to dictate for the other side the certain members representing it,” said a statement from Somalia’s government.

“That was made in violation of previous agreements by the two sides.” the statement added.

However, Ali Mohamed (Waran Adde), Somaliland’s interior minister fired back, accusing the government of sending members who hail from the breakaway region to represent it at the talks.

“Those from Somaliland whom they sent to represent them are not eligible to represent them.” He told reporters.

“Despite the fact that they hail from here, yet they are just persons who just migrated for work.”

The leaders for two sides held series of meetings late in 2014 in Djibouti, concurring the resumption of the talks for this year.

Somaliland which declared a unilateral independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 has been seeking an international recognition, however, their efforts haven’t so far proved successful.

Somalia wants to convince Somaliland to reunite with Somalia, an approach long dismissed by Somaliland.

By: Ahmed Mohamed Adan