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Somali Diaspora community meeting in Kigali visit Rwanda Parliament

Storyline:National News

Somali Diaspora community that have been meeting in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda have paid visit to many government institutions in the capital including the parliament.
Diaspora community took the seats of Rwanda MPs and listened to reports and information on how the houses hoses of the parliament work from the parliamentary committee.
Two MPs, the chairman of Rwanda of parliamentary foreign affairs committee and the first deputy of the parliament briefed the Diaspora community on the activities of the two houses.

Rwanda Parliament is made up of 2 houses, lower house consisting of 80 members and the Senate, consisting of 34 members.

64% percent of the MPs in lower house are women, this is  as an undisputable allocation.

2 members are directly elected by the youth and one from people with disabilities.
This move was welcomed by Somali Diaspora women who said Somali women are given 12% of the seats in federal parliament and called Somali leaders to take Rwanda as a role model .

The Diaspora are overwhelmed by the way the parliament is built  power is shared among the locals.
The Diaspora community will visit other important areas in Kigali, Rwanda with their eyes the progress and developments Rwanda made after 1994 massacre.

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