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Somali Diaspora intellectuals accuse of Jubba administrations of committing killings

Storyline:National News

The Somali Diaspora intellectuals accused the Interim Jubba Administration of committing planned killings in Kismaayo the administrative capital of the regional state.
Idris Hassan Farah, a Somali born Diaspora in Finland laid blame on Jubba administration over escalating planned killings in Kismaayo of Lower Jubba region.
“I believe the killings of the civilians are carried out by the administration of Ahmed Madoobe because most of the arrested people by the forces were found dead at the beach” he said
On the other hand Idris noted that they always get in touch with the locals adding that the number people killed in that area is almost 176 individuals.
Earlier on Tuesday senior IJA security official Col. Ismail Kheyre Dhuhulow giving exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM denied the allegations and blamed Al-shabab of behind the killings in the port city of Kismayo.
He underlined that the extrajudicial killings in the region are carried out by individuals with the intention of inciting the local people against one another.