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Somali elder calls upon militias of warring clans in Hosingow to immediately cease fire

Storyline:National News

he traditional elders and intellectuals in Lower and Middle Jubba regions are sending constant appeal to warring clans in Hosingow locality of Lower Jubba region.
Elder Hassan Mohamed Mohamud called on the clan militias fighting in Hosingow locality to cease fire immediately without condition.
He also warned the local people in the area to refrain from anything that might lead to further skirmishes and bloodshed among the clans in the area.
“The elders are ready to end and ease the tensions caused by clan clashes in the area but first the clan militias must lay down arms and heed the advice of the elders” he said.
Finally the elder urged the traditional elders in Hosingow and surrounding areas to take responsibility of ending the hostilities between the neighbouring clans in the region.