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Somali Embassy in South Sudan regains freedom for Somali prisoners

Storyline:National News, World

Somali Embassy in South Sudan said it has succeeded securing the release of Somali people who were imprisoned in that country.

The inmates were 4 Somali youths who are running petroleum business who were allegedly arrested due to fluctuation of market prices where their selling price was regarded to be a bit higher the market price.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Somali Ambassador Hussein Haji Ahmed explained explicitly the role his Embassy played. “I met this morning with the South Sudan Minister for Home Affairs of and I discussed with him several issues among them prior meetings and the executions of earlier demands and small cases relating to the Somali business community in the country” said Ambassador Ahmed.

The talks mainly touched on fuel companies run by Somalis and the human trafficking that made South Sudan a heaven transit and a gateway to Europe.

South Sudan Ministry of Home Affairs expressed their appreciation for the Somali community for their investment in the sector of business which gives them rights to be in the country.

Late last month 114 Somali prisoners released from Ethiopian jails were flown to Mogadishu.  The release followed talks between Somalia and Ethiopia.