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Somali FA unveils Major regional development programs.

Storyline:National News

After his recent visit to the southern Juba land state of Somalia, the president of Somali Football Federation, Abdiqani Said Arab, has announced major regional football development programs.

The president accompanied by SFF executive committee member and head of competitions department, Mustaf Elmi Afrah, went on a three-day working
tour to the region’s provincial capital Kismayo at the invitation from the
regional minister for public affairs, Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed.

During his working tour, the president held separate meetings with
government officials, local football authorities and football community in
the region discussing with them on several issues relating to the
promotion of football throughout the Juba Land semiautonomous state.
Main objectives of the presidential visit.

“Our working visit to the region was the first of several tours to all regions in the country and was mainly intended to study the needs for football promotion in the Juba Land state and it is part of our policy to help children and youths in every tiny village in Somalia to enjoy in
football” Somali FA president, Abdiqani Said Arab, said in a press statement on Saturday.

In his post election address last year, president Abdiqani Said Arab
announced new development initiatives under the ‘spread’ the football
program which is part of our four-year strategic plans.

“We visited the city’s main football facility and other open grounds where
children play football.

This was part of our preparations for the regional football league which we are going to inaugurate next year” president
Abdiqani Said Arab, said in his press statement.

The launch of the first ever regional football league in Somalia was one
of several key development initiatives announced by the president during
his post election address last year.

“After assessing the region’s needs, we have decided to first implement
three development courses: coaching, refereeing and football
administration to be organized in November.

The courses will be inaugural
for other development programs to be implemented in the region” the
president explained.

He praised the Juba Land state authorities and the region’s local football
administration for their commitment to football development.

“The regional state president, Sheik Ahmed Mohamed Islam and his minister
for public affairs, Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed are football-loving leaders
and during their term in office, I am hopeful that football in the region
will develop more” SFF president, Abdiqani Said Arab accentuated.