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Somali Faces Organization: Mogadishu Attack Victims Fundraiser


A Somali organization registered as Somali Faces Organization that are engaged in cataloging Somali stories across the world  currently initiated a fundraising kit for the Mogadishu truckbombing incident that took place on Saturday 14th October 2017 at Zoope junction, Mogadishu that claimed nearly 300 people and injured many more.

The statement below is captured on their website:

“On 14 October, a horrendous attack has ripped through the Somali capital of Mogadishu, killing up to 230 civilians and injuring over 300 others, making it the single deadliest terror attack in Somalia’s history. We have received hundreds of requests from Somali Faces supporters to start a fundraiser drive.

The hospitals and ambulance services have been working tirelessly to accommodate the victims but are already struggling with the number of wounded. As a result, we want to raise funds for the overcrowded hospitals and ambulance service that are working round the clock, for free, to tend the wounded and save lives. Aamin Ambulance is the first & only free ambulance service in Mogadishu.

We are Somali Faces, a registered organisation and a storytelling platform that has catalogued the stories of Somalis from across the world. We utilize community engagement through social media and social fundraising through the power of storytelling.”

The Somali Faces Organization has a website address where interested individuals or organizations can post their donations. Please click here if you want to donate now.

Source: Somali Faces