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HirShabelle Federal MPs support ouster of state president as Osoble remains defiant

Federal lawmakers from HirShabelle have thrown their weight behind the vote to remove the state president Abdullahi Ali Osoble even as the embattled leader held firm to his position.

Present in the meeting were senators of the Somali Federal Upper House from Hirshabelle state supporting the decision to oust President Osoble.
The Federal MPs gave boost to the move taken by the state assembly noting it was the right step that was highly necessary.

MP Mohamud Abukate who is one of the members of the Federal Lower House said, The meeting of today is supporting the transformation that took place yesterday in Jowhar that saw President Osoble stripped of his power by the state assembly. We now need peace and harmony to be maintained till another president is elected.”

MP Dahir Amin Jesow appealed to the government leaders to form immediately a committee to work on the role of the federal government to establish a regional authority once again in Hirsahbelle.

The MPs in the meeting today expressed the importance of the election of a new leader.

Similarly in a press conference, the state speaker welcomed the decision taken by the state assembly sending home President Osoble in a vote of no confidence on Monday this week adding the acting president will hold the position within a period of one month. Constitutionally the deputy president will fill the void and take office until election is done in the state.

State Speaker Mohamed announced the formation of state election committee in due course whose responsibility will be the preparation of the state presidential election.

Meanwhile the Speaker directed the federal, state and Amisom security officers in the state to be loyal and follow orders from the acting Deputy President Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Gudlawe).

“I officially hand the presidential power to Ali Abdullahi Huuseein. State MPs have to work with him. All the security agents will fall under the command of the acting President. We still have the 4.5 issue. The new presidential contenders will hail from the clan of the ousted president” said Speaker Hussein.

On the other hand, President Ali Abdullahi Osoble who reached Jowhar today held a press conference in the presidential office announcing that he is still the President of Hirshabelle state and does not accept the decision of the state assembly saying he will not entertain the demolition of the highest office in the state easily.

“I want to tell the men who exercised the impeachment, the hard work we went through the formation of Hirshabelle State. It’s known the hard effort we put in. We shall not accept them to demolish Hirshabelle state. Demolition starts with the treading on the constitution” said Osoble.

Currently there are private meetings in progress in Jowhar town with the two different sides one camp supporting the impeachment motion while the other side refusing the ousting of the Presdient.

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