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Somali Federal Parliament calls on Government to review army benefits and payments

Somali Federal parliament urged Somali government to increase the benefits of Somali National Army, provide good trainings and to pay the monthly salaries of the army on regular bases.

“Somali parliament calls Federal government to restate law No.8 of 1965 and to establish independent commission that protects the benefits of army” reads  15 Points statement released by Somali parliament on Saturday.

The statement comes after weeks long security hearings with the Prime Minister, security Minister and intelligence chief.

Federal parliament asked the government to increase defence and intelligence spending and hold accountable security and military commanders who misconduct or violate the discipline of the army.

Parliament also called on the government to adopt policy that would  guide the rehabilitation of  former Alshabab members

“Somali Federal Parliament wants to see a clear policy that will guide on former Alshab fighters rehabilitation process in upcoming session” noted the statement

Deputy speaker Mahad Cawil Cawad said Somali Parliament is ready to co-operate with Somali army and security forces on the security issues.

Recently attacks on Daallo airline, Baidoa twin suicide attack which killed 31 people and SYL Hotel which killed another dozens of people promoted Somali Parliament to pressure Federal security agencies to cope the growing threat from Alshabab fighters in Somalia.