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Somali football federation elects Abdiqani Arab for four years term



Long time secretary General of Somali Football Federation Mr. Abdi Qani Said Arab has been unanimously elected to lead the Somali Football Federation for the next four years.

Mr Arab and the former president Ali Said Guled Roble were the two candidates running for the federation’s leadership, but in the 2nd round of the election  the former president told the congress that he resigned from his candidacy and then the stake holders voted for the remaining candidate, Mr Abdi Qani Said Arab.

However, the electoral committee announced the result of the elction,Mr Arab was voted for by all stakeholders including 25 clubs, the referees’ association, the coaches’ association and the players’ association.

During the 6th election congress of Somali Football Federation,the stakeholders also elected the senior vice president and the second vice president.

Ali Abdi Mohamed has been elected as senior vice president after all stakeholders unanimously elected him, while Abdullahi Sheik who got 23 votes became the 2nd vice president after defeating former vice president Abdullahi Abow Hussein who got only 4 votes.

Executive committee Members

The congress then started to vote for the executive committee members. 7 candidates were competing for six executive committee posts and they got the votes as follows:

1 Yahye Mohamed Abokar- garnered 28 votes

2 Abdirashid Hussein Addow 25 votes-elected

3 Osman Jama Dira’ 24 votes -elected

4 Mustaf Elmi Afrah 23 votes- elected

5 Hassan Moalim Yusuf 22 votes -elected

6 Hirey Ahmed Rooble 19 votes- elected

Sharif Mohamed Abokar 7 votes- Defeated

However, these six individuals will be the Football Federation executive committee members for the next four years.