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Somali forces shot dead four militants

Storyline:National News, Security

On Saturday night, February 4, 2023, a heavy battle erupted between Jubbaland forces backed by Somali security forces and Al-Shabab, killing four insurgents and injuring others. The fight happened in Sooya area between Afmadow and Janaay Abdalla, a newly liberated village.

After long hours of fierce combat, the allied forces from the Somali Federal government Jubbaland captured the area, displaying the dead bodies of Al-Shabab to the media.

The forces carried out the operation late last night, and vow to pursue the remnants of Al-Shabab insurgents rushing to Bu’alle, the capital city of the Jubbaland Administration. Joint forces spokesperson Mohamed Dahir, told the press.

“The operation is massive and will continue until we liberate Bu’aalle; we ask the public to assist us by providing direction and information about Al-Shabab to the forces; do not avoid the soldiers; they are your defenders, not your enemies, and if you flee from them, they will treat you as Al-Shabab,” said Mohamed Dahir.

The government of Jubbaland went to war with Al-Shabab, and the forces were getting ready for the last few months. Last week, Jubbaland forces and Somalia’s national army seized Janaay Abdalla from Al-Shabab.

At the end of last week, Somalia hosted frontline state leaders to get support for its war against Al-Shabab.

In 2022, President Hassan Shiekh retook the office of the presidency through an indirect national election. The war to root out the terror groups in Somalia is one of the core values Mohamud pledged during his campaign to cling to power.