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Somali Foreign Minister Meets with Djiboutian Ambassador

Storyline:National News

The foreign minister of federal government of Somalia, Abdisalam hadliye Omar has received the ambassador of Djibouti to Somalia, Dayyib Doubad Robleh, at his office in Mogadishu on Wednesday.
The two focussed on the bilateral relations of the two countries, the work of AMISOM troops especially Djiboutian contingent in Hiraan region, how to help Somalia government on security forces training mission.
The meeting was attended by departmental directors of Somali foreign ministry and other officials from Djibouti embassy.
The minister commended Djibouti government for its commitments to support Somali and contributing soldiers (hill-walal) to Somalia, who currently operate in Baladwein town under the name of Africa union peacekeeping mission in Somalia.