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Somali Government calls Kenya to respect tripartite agreement and the International law

Storyline:National News

Somali Federal President Hassan Sheikh Mahmud has reminded Kenyan government its political and moral responsibilities towards 600,000 Somali refugees inside Kenya.

Somali president said on this Wednesday that his government has no contention to the Kenyan proposal but only want a dignified repatriation for Somali refugees

Kenya defied International community calls and announced the closure of refugee camps before the end of this year. The move generated a lot of criticism from Humanitarian organization around the world

“The only thing that needs to be negotiated is how and what is the appropriate ways that we can bring refugees back in organized manner to Somalia” said President Hassan Sheikh Mahmud.

Kenya vice president William Samoei Ruto said the refugees camps imposed ecological and security threats to Kenya and said his government has no option but to close them “it is very unfortunate that the Dadaab Refugee Complex has lost its humanitarian character and has instead become a centre for radicalisation, planning and training of al Shabaab terrorists as well as a conduit for contraband goods, weapons, electronics and sugar, which is killing local industries” said Ruto.

UNHCR, Somalia and Kenya signed tripartite agreement which banned the forced repatriation of Somali refugees in Kenya.

International Humanitarian organizations express concern on what would happen to these refugees incase forced repatriation to Somalia.