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Somali government claims responsibility over drone strike in Gedo

Storyline:National News

drone 2The government of Somalia has claimed responsibility for the Wednesday night drone strike which killed two senior Al-Shabaab commanders, State radio Radio Moqdisho reports.

Without delving into any details on the story, the government said its drones had hit a vehicle which Ismail Jabhad and Ismael Dhere were traveling in in Baardheere town, Gedo region.

This is the second drone attack the government has claimed responsibility over after another one last month. The government early this year said it was acquiring drones from friendly foreign countries to boost its war on terror. The news item on the State Run Radio says that 12 other Alshabab fighters were also killed in the attack.

Kenyan government had earlier claimed the Garissa University attack mastermind Mohamed Mohamud Gamadhere was among those killed by has since retracted the statement noting that Gamadhere was not among them.

“The 2am drone strike killed over 30 terrorists including one Jamaa Adhere but he is isn’t the Gamadahere of Garissa varsity attack,” said the Interior ministry spokesman in his twitter account.

The strikes follow yesterday’s military movements in Baardheere involving Somali National Army, SNA and Kenya Defence Forces, KDF which military sources said were aimed at closing in on the Al-Shabaab controlled town. Military sources exclusively told Goobjoog News yesterday SNA and KDF forces under the African Union backed forced AMISOM were on the verge of launching an offensive against Al-Shabaab bases in Baardheere town which has been a major stronghold of the militant group.

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