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Somali Government Delegation Reaches Kismayo

Storyline:National News

Delegation led by Somali state minister for interior has reached Kismayo, the capital administrative of Interim Jubba Administration.

The delegation which comprised of four delegates from Italy government and Somalia was welcomed by IJA government officials.

The delegates took discussion with IJA leaders on wide range issues including developments reached by IJA governmental development.

The relations between the federal government of Somali and IJA government has diminishing since this regional decided to cut ties With Somali Federal Government.
It was 6th June this year, when the deputy president of Interim Jubba Administration, Abdullahi Sheik Ismael Aka Fartag in a hastily convened news conference after successful motion in which 132 of presented Federal Parliament Members voted for ousted of Jubbland regional assembly said “From now on … we have stopped all collaborations with the Federal Government and suffered all ties. We would not accept any delegation from Federal governments”.