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Somali government due to distribute food aid to Mahas residents

Storyline:National News

The federal government of Somalia today is due to distribute food aid to hundreds of drought affected and displaced people in Mahas district of Hiran region.
Trucks carrying food aid supplies reached Mahas district, the trucks were escorted by federal government forces to provide security as Al-shabab blocked the main roads leading to the town.
The food aid came the right time when the locals in the district are in high need of support and most of the people have nothing to eat due to inflation brought by the blockage of the main roads.
Al-shabab imposed tight sanctions by blocking the main trade routes leading to Mahas and other major cities in Hiran region after allied forces pushed them out of their main strongholds in the region.
The federal government forces forcefully opened the blocked roads and enabled the delivery of the essential food to the affected people.